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Apple iPhone 4 Review and Specification

Superseded by the iPhone 4S but freshly equipped with the very latest version of Apple’s iOS software, the iPhone 4 remains a formidable challenger in the mobile arena.

It has a super-sharp retina display, a 1GHz processor and has been manufactured in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB variants. You can pick up the 8GB model for £400 on a pay as you go deal, with SIM-free prices coming in slightly higher at £430. The iPhone 4 is available for free on a monthly contract from £25.

Should I buy the Apple iPhone 4?

In summer 2010, the iPhone 4 was the hottest name on the mobile scene. It had the looks, the software and the desirability factor. With the exception of a few irksome issues with its network reception, nothing but positive things were being written about it.

Today, the story is slightly different. The more powerful iPhone 4S is Apple’s new crown prince. It has features that have been withheld from its older sibling — virtual assistant Siri being the most notable.

While existing iPhone 4 owners will be pleased that their devices have been upgraded promptly to iOS 5, it’s trickier recommending this handset to new customers. The iPhone 4 sits awkwardly in the middle of Apple’s current mobile catalogue, sandwiched between the cheap-and-cheerful 3GS and the all-singing, all-dancing 4S.

It’s still a highly recommended phone, however. If you can grab one at a decent price SIM-free, then we’d advise you to do so. However, if you can afford it, you’d be better off stumping up the extra cash for the newer iPhone 4S.

iOS 5 on the iPhone 4

As well as updating the doddery old 3GS to iOS 5, Apple has delivered its latest and greatest software to iPhone 4 users. Key features were missing from iOS 5 when the iPhone 3GS recently received its update. We’re sad to report that the same story applies with the iPhone 4.

It’s to be expected — after all, Apple wouldn’t sell so many iPhone 4S handsets if the older hardware got the exact same features. What does make the cut is so fantastic that you’re unlikely to be too disgruntled.

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